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What our customers are saying

I could not have asked for a better experience while ring shopping with Len and Amy. They took plenty of time to explain the different styles of rings and answer all of my questions. They were quite patient and helpful with selecting the perfect ring for my fiancé. Their fantastic customer service and the ring was more stunning than I ever imagined. I will be recommending them to everyone.

Andrew Blum

I went to Len with a custom engagement ring design. After meeting with him just once, we nailed down the exact design and he and his team got to work. Within 6 weeks, he had created a masterpiece that my fiancé now wears proudly on her finger. The ring is absolutely one of a kind and the service provided by Le Joaillier has made me a customer for life!

Nick Gottlieb

I could not be any happier with the service I received during the process of choosing a ring and of course plan on using Len’s creative abilities to create both mine and my future wifes wedding rings.

I would definitely recommend making Le Joaillier your ‘go to’ jewelry store, whether it be for brand new purchases or repairs on your existing pieces. Len Margolis, along with all the staff at Le Joaillier were so pleasant to work with. I have purchased several pieces of jewelry from both of their stores and each time I go into either store I feel right at home.

The latest piece I purchased from Le Joaillier was an Engagement Ring for my fiancé. I needed a completely customized ring that required a lot of work since my fiancé wanted raw uncut diamonds, which are all abnormally shaped and hard to come by. I asked three different jewelers, being I do not live on Long Island anymore, if it were possible and they all told me that what I wanted would never work. Well that is not what Len at Le Joaillier said. Len worked with me for a few months on a design creating the most unique ring. It is the most beautiful piece of art that I have ever had any input on and it would not have been possible without Le Joaillier.

My fiancé constantly receives compliments on her ring from family, friends and even strangers. Her favorite part in describing the ring is to say ‘it is completely hand-made by an amazing jeweler and artist!”..

Matt K.

I have been a customer of Le Joaillier for many years, partly because their collection of jewelry is consistently beautiful and varied, and most importantly because Len and his staff treat me with respect, consideration, and always with a desire to please. They are also willing to modify pieces to fit my taste, and we have worked together many times to create special and unique custom made items just for me. Le Joaillier also has jewelry at different price points which makes it perfect for those looking for a gift for a friend as well as a special someone. 


I first found Le Joaillier jewelry shop at Christmas time when I was searching for a sailboat necklace for my girlfriend. I had looked and looked at numerous options both on line and in various stores but when I was able to find them, they  all seemed to be very basic without much detail.

I was wandering around the shops in Locust Valley and kind of stumbled upon this beautiful store. I went in and inquired if they had a sailboat necklace and they thought a bit and remember that Len had designed a sailboat many years ago so they started looking for it in their massive selection of beautiful jewelry.  Sure enough, they found one although it was a stick pin, They told me that they could easily make it into a pendant for a necklace. Well that is just what they did.

The sailboat pendant is so beautiful and has so much detail and even looks like our Ketch rigged sailboat. We are so pleased with it and we get many compliments from our sailing friends about the workmanship and beauty of this pendant.
My girlfriend and I remembered the shop when we were thinking of looking for engagement rings and we agreed that Le Joaillier would be our first stop.

Well, again we received excellent customer service and we found a beautiful marquee cut ring that was set so beautifully and uniquely, that we just had to have it.

Len and Amy are talented, friendly, knowledgeable and the most patient shop owners that really took their time with us to make us comfortable with our purchase,
Len spent a bunch of time with me to explain to me the included GIA report and show me the ring that I was buying under the microscope with the diamonds unique characteristics as designated on the GIA Diamond Grading Report.

We couldn't be happier with both purchases. I would highly recommend this little Gem of a Jewelry shop for anyone who wants a personalized experience and owners who really want to please. And, they are local.

So any adjustments or issues, they are in the neighborhood. No going to the city for jewelry for us anymore.

Paul T.

Len and Amy Margolis are incredible jewelers at Le Joaillier Locust Valley! I worked with Len Margolis to design a customized engagement ring for my fiance. His wife Amy also helped us out and is so sweet and kind. Their family has owned the business for decades, so I knew Le Joaillier came highly recommended for new customers like me. I spoke with a few other jewelers about engagement rings and went with Le Joaillier for the big purchase.

Len Margolis was so incredibly patient with me while creating an engagement ring from scratch. I threw the kitchen sink at him for about two months of designing. Len is very professional, knowledgeable, kind, and very devoted to his clients.

Len Margolis went above and beyond for me. I was ordering from several states away, and despite the distance, he was always responsive to phone calls and emails. We talked often about the design and met for over two hours at the Locust Valley store. He made great suggestions about the materials to use, the diamonds to choose, and the design details to make sure I felt comfortable and happy. When we discussed how much it would cost, he came up with a very reasonable estimate within budget. I never felt pushed around like other jewelers I met.

I was an especially demanding client because I asked Len several times to change up things with the ring. He always took things in stride and presented me with options at every turn. Len even sketched designs of the ring to match my vision and sent me photos of ideas he had. The most incredible thing he did was to source two pairs of very rare European style cut diamonds for my selection as matching diamonds for an heriloom antique center stone.

Len was extremely accommodating of special requests. For example, I was hoping for the engagement ring to match the color of another ring my fiance had. Len went out of his way to meet me, test the metal of the other ring, and give his final recommendations. He took hours out of his day just to make sure I was completely satisfied.

I also needed the engagement ring done right away, so Len gave accurate estimates on how long it would take. He then shipped me the ring overnight so it would arrive in Virginia in time for the perfect proposal. He reassured me that the ring would show up, as designed. When I saw the ring with my own eyes, it was even more incredible than imagined!!!

My fiance cried when she saw the beautiful ring from Le Joaillier!!! Months later now, she just absolutely loves the ring and catches herself staring at it several times a day because of the unique design, sparkle and shine!

After meeting with other jewelers, I could tell that Len has a gift for designing custom engagement rings and wouldn't let me walk away with the kind of basic prefabricated rings other jewelers sell. I had such terrible experiences with other jewelers: having two sales associates fighting over me for a commission, and another store locking me in because their manager thought I pocketed a diamond, but he was just careless and misplaced it within the packaging.

They do an incredible service for their clients and go above and beyond to make sure you are fully satisfied. We will definitely be back to Le Joallier for our wedding bands and other jewelry needs. I also highly recommend Len and Amy Margolis to friends and family in Long Island and here in Virginia!

Kev Hill